Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An online personality guessing experiment

I came to know of You Just Get Me experiment today, courtsey PsychCentrals post on the top 10 online psychology experiments .

In a nutshell, the site lets you guess the personality of a person based on clues he provides. In my case the public clues I have provided are my photograph and my facebook profile. Now, as a fun experiment, I'll request all my readers to go to that site and try to guess my personality from these , as well as additional clues you might have got following my blogging practices and habits. Its bound to be fun and I believe the questionnaire has correctly guessed my personality (OCEAN based) and I have a separate application on facebook that profiles my personality (please do not take a sneak peak at it to guess my personality) and I found that the two personality characterizations do corroborate each other.

So, please go ahead and guess me; and of course if yopu like put some data on the site for your personality analysis too. Go to this link to guess my personality.

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Pranav said...

Nice links! Thanks!